1. It was the 9/11 Commission that in 2004 frst recommended the creation of an open-source intelligence unit, a proposal reinforced a year later by the Iraq Intelligence Commission.
  2. Western media’s favorite Hong Kong ‘freedom struggle writer’ is American ex-Amnesty staffer in yellowface | The Grayzone
  3. Meedan is a technology ‘non-profit’ that has received millions of dollars of funding from all the usual backers of regime change. Among Meedan’s partners feature the Open Technology Fund (OPT), one of US government’s technology regime-change arms. The OPT was created in 2012 as a project of Radio Free Asia, an information warfare vehicle, and is now bankrolled by the US Agency for Global Media, the government’s propaganda arm. Last but not least, Meedan also finances Bellingcat.
  4. Rocket Man | The New Yorker
  5. Understanding Hybrid Warfare (publishing.service.gov.uk)
  6. What Protesters in Hong Kong (and Anywhere Else) Should Know About FireChat — Global Voices Advox
  7. https://italian4hk.medium.com/agents-of-chaos-how-the-u-s-seeded-a-colour-revolution-in-hong-kong-2b5050b5ba0f
  8. https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/politics/article/3089991/national-security-law-human-rights-ngos-dreading-impact
  9. Jessica Whyte, The Morals of the Market. Human Rights and the Rise of Neoliberalism. London: Verso, 2019
  10. IOR4026382020ENGLISH.pdf (amnesty.org)

Born in Milan, i have been living in Hong Kong since 1997

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Laura Ruggeri

Laura Ruggeri

Born in Milan, i have been living in Hong Kong since 1997

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